Monday, August 13, 2012

Good clean fun

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this fun project a few weeks back for the boys to do.  We'd also like to thank the workers who resided our garage and littered left their water bottles for us to use. 
Since Ajay will be starting school on Wednesday and since the weather was gorgeous this morning, I decided today would be the best time to go for it.
I put Aren down for his nap then sent the boys outside.  I gathered the needed materials and joined them.

I cut the ends off the bottles and let the boys slide the socks on.  On the blog where I found this idea, she speaks about taping with duct tape, or putting a rubber band around the sock to help it stay on, but I used kids ankle socks and folded down the tops and we had no problem at all with the socks staying on.

I poured a little water in the shallow dishes, squirted some dish soap in and let the boys swoosh it around a bit.  Then it was time to test.  Would it work?

 It sure enough did!!

Then I did something else the original blog post mentioned - I grabbed some food coloring and tried to make rainbow bubbles.  They had used liquid colors and we had gel colors.  I'm wondering if that's why our rainbows didn't turn out as bright?

The boys LOVED this.  They even went back out after lunch to do it some more.   They called our backyard The Bubble Yard!
And THEN they got the idea that they should go ride their bikes while blowing the bubbles so they could clean the street.
Watching as a clump of bubbles floats over a tree.

Hmmmm....Maybe blowing bubbles while riding a bike isn't a good combination!
I give project this an A+  and it is something we will surely do again!

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